case study:
how we are failing at being sustainable

 Research / Editorial / Film / Photography / Typography 

Ludovica Farace and I used this project to delve deeper into the topic of sustainability in the fashion industry. As students of communication design, we first wanted to see how sustainable the digital route (website, etc.) is compared to the analog route (print). We gathered a lot of information and went back to the fashion part. On this Dörte de Jesus, the creator of the Lissome magazine, supported us and structured our research. We told her about our digital exposition, the impossible way to print sustainably, and our approach to create awareness for people like us who are open and interested but yet not trained in this urgent and relevant topic

It inspired us to think about how we want to communicate, what tonality and sensitivity we can use. In this way, we’ve said goodbye to guilt and finger pointing and replaced it with honesty, softness, and a relatable manner. We decided to make posters because that is what we can do best but this time with the aspect of sustainability in mind. It has been found that this project is not so easy to fruition. Even if this has not been possible in the meantime – the knowledge we gained through the process was absolutely worth it.


To download the posters and visit our digital exhibition, click the buttons below.

„Case study: How we failed to be sustainable“ is just a starting point. We would like to open a conversation and grow together to protect our nature. For this reason we will continue our research and create a platform dedicated to the topic of sustainable and ethical design. We named this project „ethical aesthetics“. Feel free to reach out, get inspired and spread your thoughts, ideas and knowledge.

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